About K3

K3 by Rodania

Rodania is a Belgian watch brand with Swiss roots. Since 1930 we create qualitative and elegant designed watches for men, woman and kids. For everyone that wants to stand out is looking for something special. At Rodania, we assure that top quality and stylish designs always go hand in hand.
Rodania blossomed thanks to the young, dynamic and rebellious marketer Manfred Aebi and his visionary ideas. Since 1950 he pioneered in collaborating with talented people in all kinds of different areas. We still have inspiring partnerships with The Belgian Red Devils, Think-Pink, Disney, Studio 100…

To celebrate the most popular girl group, Rodania wanted to create a musthave for all K3 fans! In response to the selection of the new K3 girls, Hanne, Marthe and Klaasje, Rodania and Studio 100 teamed up and designed a unique and qualitative watch, in all the colors of the rainbow! As a Christmas gift, a birthday present and so on, this watch is guaranteed for success!

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